What does our ser­vice cost for recruit­ing agen­cies?
  • The reg­is­tra­tion is free for recruit­ing agen­cies, no fees.
  • The recruit­ing agency gets a rev­enue share of the fee paid by the employ­er.
What addi­tion­al oppor­tu­ni­ties arise from work­ing with us?
  • We have a good net­work of local employ­ers in Central Europe. Recruiting agen­cies coop­er­at­ing with us are able to offer jobs in coun­tries with a high wages lev­el.
  • Recruiting agen­cies coop­er­at­ing with us have the right answers for peo­ple with wan­der­lust.
  • We enable an addi­tion­al income oppor­tu­ni­ty.
How do we reduce the risk of inter­na­tion­al recruit­ing?
  • We are the reli­able part­ner on site here in Central Europe.
  • A well-defined process frame­work ensures a high place­ment rate.
  • To ensure pay­ments we do the on-site debt col­lec­tion.


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