We are your part­ner in Central Europe

Are you a recruiter and look­ing for addi­tion­al mar­ket share?
  • How to increase range of your service?
  • Offer job seek­ers more opportunities?
Benefit for recruiters coop­er­at­ing with us
  • We are the miss­ing link to offer more jobs in high wage countries.
  • We pro­vide the suit­able offer for peo­ple with wanderlust.
What are we doing to help recruiters?
  • Central Europe is urgent­ly look­ing for good IT spe­cial­ists. We open up this mar­ket for inter­na­tion­al recruiters.
  • We pro­vide the net­work of poten­tial employ­ers for inter­na­tion­al recruit­ing partners.
  • Central Europe has a huge short­age of skilled work­ers. We help to tap this potential.
  • We reduce your work­load by tak­ing care of the selec­tion process.
We dri­ve a pro­fes­sion­al sup­ply chain
  • A neu­tral con­tract between us and the inter­na­tion­al recruiters ensures trust­ful cooperation.
  • You send us CVs of can­di­dates who are will­ing to relo­cate to Central Europe.
  • We fil­ter out the best employ­ees by using psy­cho­log­i­cal tests and interviews.
  • An assess­ment by expe­ri­enced man­agers ensures an allo­ca­tion to the right position.
  • We are in con­tact with employ­ers and knows their needs.
  • We sub­mit the can­di­dates’ CVs to suit­able local employers.
  • We sup­port new work­ers to set­tle in quickly.

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Together with local part­ners we meet the huge demand of soft­ware experts in Central Europe.

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